Lesson of life

Life is like a school. We learn something new every day. Today I learn a lesson. I learn to be yourself. Though you know some people might like you, and some might not. I care about it sometimes, but most of the time, I don’t give a damn.

Why Clinton won the second term of presidency election, while the world know about his sex scandal?? Why people able to like Hitler and let him won the democratic election despite of his tyranny leadership??

All this character just answered the question about not afraid of being you. And of course we have to evolve accordingly in order to survive and to stay competitive (the world definitely not only evolve around you). But stick to who we are, perhaps can make us control our life without being overbearing.

Making the leap from the concept of “yes Boss” to the concept “ stand up to what is right” sometimes might drag you to the bottom of the sea. It might kill you and you career. In order to breakthrough, you have to have skill, knowledge, strength and psychological capacity to face the challenge.

You must brilliantly collaborating with the people around you, even with Mother Nature to preserve your good self. . Don’t change because people want you to change. Proud to be whom you are and what you stand for. Disregard all the underlying assumption about you.

We must take pride every single right thing we do. Nothing else matter, I think.


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