to facilitate not to frustrate

i went to the GH this afternoon to seek medical aid for my mother’s chest pain. I’ve been facilitated, and yet been frustrated. Which is good for me to experienced both. Well, nothing much to say about the health service at the Government Hospital. I see the effort to make an enhancement to the service, but anyhow, in many aspect, the GH’s still frozen in time.

I met so many types of character in the 5 hours waiting period with my mom in the ” ward pemerhatian”.

I met the staff (MA and staff nurse) who were very polite and dedicated. I met young Dr, whom tried his best to give the best service and fed me the info i needed ( a Chinese dr.). I also met another Dr.(a Malay Dr) whom she think she too clever to encode/simplify the medical terms to the person like me. (looking at me at that time wearing track-bot and round neck t-shirt complete with the slipper or maybe am i look like school drop-out type of person or something which i don’t know.

Not forget to mention, i met another Dr (also a Malay Dr.), whom not so interested to facilitate old lady who’s looking for her relative. The excuse was very funny. The record of the morning patient been taking out in the afternoon. Meaning, he cannot find the information that old ady needed IN THE COMPUTER just because her relative was the morning patient. He just let this makcik wonder around without knowing where to go. Luckily i were there at that time and i ask this Dr where this makcik can get the info. Then he bluntly said ” mak cik kena check kat daftar masuk”.

Can’t this Dr. spent 5 minute of his busy schedule to facilitate this non-medical terms speaking old lady??. This poor makcik managed to find the ‘daftar masuk’ section with my sister’s help (by ushering her). I dont expect this Dr. to usher this makcik up to the ‘daftar masuk”. But at least explain thoroughly where this makcik about to go. simple!

I exhale!

After 5 long exhausted hour in the ‘ward pemerhatian’, my mom got discharged. The chest pain gradually gone.

Tomorrow, she’s going to have another long queue for medical appointment at the same hospital…

continue the story later…..


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