I am know spending my spare time completing my reading on this book called our iceberg is melting. Indeed, it is a fascinating book lively illustrate the real situation of a penguin colony to solve a big problem coming ahead.

Apart from the story telling, i learned many lesson that should be applied into my life as a junior government servant. I learned that, as a young officer – even with colorful certs, is not sufficient to the organization if i am lack of experience, especially when it comes to to make a crucial decision.

The senior officer has an ego. They can’t be look as vulnerable when they to carry out the duty even they know they are not an intellectual heavyweight. They have the status, They have vast experience, they have the influence over others. Not their nature to listen to young officer in service. To move them from complacency is not an easy job. The bureaucracy is always their way of work. They don’t make decision that will jeopardize their reputation and dignity. They prefer the decision made by the committee.

I learned, when we are working with result oriented bosses, we must show them explicitly our ideas. Sometimes, they always wanted 100% guarantee that thing will work – the way they always think. but..Some bosses don’t bother about the “100% works”, they care about the 100% efforts we’ve put in.

Education alone without experiences is not sufficient – vice versa. Knowledge might stay but its application change accordingly. If we refuse to adapt we will become relic. An archaic 30 years old experience of how to do work might still be relevant but the tools and style to complete the work would’ve never be the same. for instance, those day they use typewriter, now they use laptop. The technology is matter to expedite work.

Managing and administrating is a long topic to discuss. It will take you the whole semester to finish, if possible. Luckily, I’ve got plenty of time now to do some reading now. Well, see you then.. bye..

p/s: pardon my english.. teacher…


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