magika is not that magic

Magika! title of the latest movie which is now showing in cinema. I had my evening with my nieces and nephew leasuring ourselve by watching this movie. As I promised them, ( if they behave and do some revision) i brought them to Alor Setar Mall. The only place i know to watch a movie, in Alor Staq.

Well, Magika was not like what i expected… for Malaysian movie, at least. I was a bit frustrated. The shooting location was awful. I can see the golf green on the screen. Come on!. Please do something technologically with the buggy driveway. The set did no impress me. The costumes is like a cheap B grade movie. The storyline is like “ok lah”. but, with the line up of so called ‘A’ actress and actors, the movie is still not works well on me.

I’m not a movie expert. Anyhow, it was a good try from KRU brothers. It’s not easy, indeed to make such a movie, but i honestly would like to see an improvement in their coming Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa. Please give an extra attention on location and set as well, bro. Agree or not locations make Hindi movie beautiful.


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