errr, got no tajuk can aaa??

Banyak perkara yang terjadi kat aku lately.  Things that not only make me to ponder but also to think deep- –>indeed its like a colourful rain drops.

Well, life is a life. Like it or not, i have to live my life. But the thing is, my life is not all about my life alone.

Its mingle among so many parties -that i have to consider a lot when i wrapped my mind up on everything. To think only myself and be selfishness would be the last thing i would do.( Am i?)

So,as  i must not excluded them/he/she, i just face it. — with a smile perhaps..

Pretend and hope that everything will be alright.

Owh!! Anyway, I love to be here, but here is not where I suppose to be. I’m not belong here and here is also not so me to get into.

Everything is messy and choked me to death. Before i realise i am breathless..  better off for me to get away out of all this.

I need a breakaway.. I need a holiday..

London maybe???

p/s: please mind my Ingrish.. hehehe

2 thoughts on “errr, got no tajuk can aaa??

  1. holiday jer? duk lama2 pun takpe… kalau lama, bukan stakat London jer, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam semuaaaaa pun boleh… hehe… bilik kosong kan ada? 😉

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