vague?? well yea…

vague statement? well yea… I love the word ‘vague”.. vague and ambiguity FB statement/status can be mislead and can be misunderstanding.

I always remind myself to always be careful when putting up any status on my fb wall. How vague my status are, there are still people who know what is actually happening. The uncertainty in certain thing may  increase the curiosity to the people who don’t know anything but desperately want to know what is in the other’s pants.— really you want to know??.. come closer.. i’ll show you what in it, pervert..

People aren’t always getting smarter or else we are getting dumber. We are no island. We live in the border less community. Everything is just on the fingertip. All the grapevine gossip and such can spread within a second. If we don’t like people gossip about us, don’t gossip about others.  Our comment and somehow may  unintentionally hurt the other party. You may not know that.

I’m also don’t understand why some people always put everything about everything on the fb wall.  Like he/she want the whole world to know about her/his life and as if they like her/his life to be naked.. no hiding, no holding. Everybody is free to give any comments about every single thing happened –of course they did expect the good one indeed.

Some people talk bad about their partner or friend. They put their dissatisfaction on the wall. And then, the so called friend in their friend list start giving comments and  judging their partner. What puzzled me is why this kind of people who put their personal life on public and  let the public judge others and  influence almost everything in their life, emotion or worst their relationship? I wonder whether  their friends who bluntly giving the  comments really care about them. Or they just give comments for the sake of giving comments?

When it come to this personal or relationship matter, if we have any disagreement,  there are always  other various way  to sort thing out. Nothing can be change positively by putting up all those nasty words  on your FB status which eventually  jeopardize the relationship/friendship of ours. In fact some of the comments from the friend list certainly can deepen the wound. When relationship is dead, would you ask you friend in the FB’s friend list to bury it?? Aren’t they your important figures rather than your loved one?? . Aren’t they know you better than your spouse or your loved one?

For some, maybe this  is the way/ style to live their life. They love to do it anyway. I have no qualm but wonder. Btw, please don’t blame the FB.. blame yourself for the act of one of the most deadliest self motivated action..and your action may put your relationship at stake.

I wonder why…..

5 thoughts on “vague?? well yea…

  1. people are different.
    maybe they are all wondering what is the purpose of you having an FB account but yet you haven’t really update your wall. 🙂

    cheers. differences should be celebrated. otherwise life would be a bit boring.

  2. but i agree though, that the best way to voice your feeling is to tell to the relevant person.
    it is just that sometimes, instead of sharing it with someone who deserves, it is easier to tell the whole world.

  3. Definitely agree! and words are dangerous things, equally capable of bringing peace and inciting violence. They get under your skin, make you feel, make you hurt, make you love and make you feel alive. Let us be careful with how to choose and use them.

    Err..words, once they are said / written they can be only forgiven, not forgotten.

    May Allah guide us. Peace =)

  4. Awak, saya setuju sangat dengan entry awak yang ni. People nowadays are giving so much of themselves just for the sake of technology. Tak kira lelaki atau perempuan, sama saja. Pendek kata sampai semua benda nak cerita. Kan? Mcm awak kata, status kita di mencerminkan diri kita! Suka atau tak, kita memang akan dinilai. Dan sudah tentu, saya pun selalu menilai 🙂

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